Wills, Real Estate, and Probate Law

Wills, Real Estate, and Probate Law
The field of commercially related litigation spans everything that your company might be suing others for or be sued by others against… We will make sure, that all the details of the case prove your cause right!

Planning for your family’s future is always a wise choice.  It is also important to select the right law firm to draft your will to prevent unnecessary legal complications when you or a loved one passes away.

Our firm understands that Wise County residents want to ensure their wishes are fulfilled in the event of unexpected circumstances.  We are happy to assist our clients with these matters.

Real Estate

Real estate transactions, especially commercial ones, can be difficult to navigate without the assistance of legal counsel.

We work with clients in both personal real estate transactions and commercial business transactions to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, while protecting your rights and interests.


When a loved one passes away, the last thing you need is a complicated legal matter to handle on your own.

Our firm is always available to assist Wise County residents with probate matters.

Free Legal Consultation

Our lawyers are available all business week long to provide you with their best initial analysis on your legal issue. Once you've decided to hire us for your defense or offense, we'll be there for you!